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Johnny Espinoza, Staff Writer

September 30, 2016

TRiO offers a college-level academic foundation to students to help them succeed through a support system. To receive help, a student must first apply and get accepted into one of the TRiO programs. After acceptance, each...

Brief-Psy Chi National Honor Society

BreYanna Mason, Staff Writer

September 30, 2016

The Psi Chi chapter national honor society for psychology is accepting applications for membership for students majoring or minoring in psychology. There are different requirements for undergraduates, graduates, and transfer...

Brief-KETR Fall Pledge Drive

Jasmine Baker, Staff Writer

September 30, 2016

As the community helps 88.9 KETR with its Fall Pledge Drive goal of $20,000, KETR still has a long way to go. “Almost $7,000 have been raised, funds usually trickle in after the drive with our mail campaign; it was sent out...

Brief-Free Online Tutoring

Acacia Munoz, Staff Writer

September 30, 2016

Undergraduate students are automatically entered into a free online tutoring program after they pay student fees, making them eligible to connect to a community of more than 3,000 expert tutors whenever they want. All they have...

Brief-Flu Season

Elizabeth Rodriguez, Staff Writer

September 30, 2016

The flu is notorious for taking the world by storm and while flu season makes an appearance every year, the timing, duration, and severity is always unpredictable. That’s why it is important for students to be prepared at...

Brief-Volunteer Band Needed

Courtney Norman, Staff Writer

September 30, 2016

Dancing Oak Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation is looking for 3-4 student volunteers to form a classic country music band. Specifically, the nursing and rehabilitation center is seeking volunteers skilled in the guitar and the...

Brief-Conversation and Writing Group

Sam Stevens, Staff Writer

September 30, 2016

Conversation and Writing Group has been organized through the Academic Success Center to help international students interested in sharing their culture with others, while simultaneously allowing them to practice their conversation...

Brief-Cervantes Honored by Spanish Program

Ashley Bassett, Staff Writer

September 16, 2016

The Department of Literature and Language Spanish Program will be honoring the 400th anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes’s death. Cervantes was a Spanish writer credited with writing and publishing the world’s very first...

Brief-Marketing and Analytics Department Welcome Party

Acacia Munoz, Staff Writer

September 16, 2016

The Marketing and Analytics Department is hosting a Welcome Party Sept. 19 in the Rayburn Student Center, Ambition B (4-5:15 p.m.). The Marketing and Business Analytics Organization is a professional student organization that...

Brief-Walk-in Tutoring

Johnn Espinoza, Staff Writer

September 16, 2016

Gee Library offers free Walk-In Tutoring to students through the Academic Success Center allowing students to walk in anytime with no appointment and receive the tutoring and knowledge needed for any introductory level subject. Tutoring...

Brief-Brass Choir Recital

Cynthia Rios, Staff Writer

September 16, 2016

There will be a Brass Choir Recital on Nov. 15 at the Finney Concert Hall in the Music Building. The recital will be directed by Jimmy Clark and will feature music from composers Richard Strauss and Richard Wagner. The concert...

Brief-Math Lab

Kimberly Thompson, Staff Writer

September 16, 2016

Whether a student needs assistance in an intermediate level math class or in a Calculus 2 class, valuable help is at the Math Lab located in Binnion Hall on the fourth floor. The Math Lab provides help for students who need...

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