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Manny’s Movie Madness

Manuel Ramirez, Staff Reporter

October 12, 2016

Cinema Spotlight on Scott Derrickson Part I: The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Cinema Spotlight on Scott Derrickson Part I: The Exorcism of Emily Rose

October 6, 2016

Throughout the month of October the Cinema Spotlight will shine on Horror filmmaker Scott Derrickson; every week I’ll be looking at all five of his movies and conclude with his recent work, Doctor Strange, in theaters Nov. 4. Having worked on a couple of horror-related and direct-to-video projec...

‘Sully’ & ‘Snowden’ Steal September

'Sully' & 'Snowden' Steal September

Manuel Ramirez, Staff Reporter

September 28, 2016

September saw the premiere of two biopics that centered on ordinary men who did the unthinkable. Both made headlines and became the subject of debate as their actions were questioned as either heroic or harmful. Sully recounts the “Miracle on the Hudson” and the eponymous airline pilot who sa...

All Summer Sixteen

A still from Pixar's

Manuel Ramirez, Staff Writer

September 16, 2016

Summer at the movies was filled with highs and lows, but at the box-office it was mostly lows, literally, as audiences didn’t flood the movie theaters as they used to. So what did the cinema offer that it failed to attract audiences? The summer began on a hopeful note with Captain America: Civil...

Harley Quinn trumps ‘Suicide Squad’

Harley Quinn trumps 'Suicide Squad'

Imogené Wolford, Entertainment Editor

August 31, 2016

This summer’s movie to see was “Suicide Squad,” a fantasy film based on a DC Comic Book that picks up where “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” leaves off. If you are a fan of DC Comics or an avid movie watcher, you know that earlier this year DC Comics released “Batman v. Superman: Dawn ...

A stellar supporting cast can’t save ‘If I Stay’ from drowning in teen-love mediocrity

Andrew Burnes, Editor

September 8, 2014

Ever wonder how to stretch a 30-minute episode’s worth of far-fetched, soap opera-style, coma induced, love affairs into an hour-and-a-half high-profile theatrical release? I haven’t either. Apparently, though, director R.J. Cutler thought it would be a fantastic idea. As a result we get If I Stay,...

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