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Social Work A-Team Hopes to Connect with Students

Social Work A-Team Hopes to Connect with Students
December 14, 2016

They have hearts for people, minds for solving, and a vision to help everyone. Their goal is to spread the spirit of love to people, regardless of gender, color, or any other factor used to segment the...

A&M-Commerce professor encouraged by former Pentagon inspector general to run for U.S. House of Representatives

Professor of Political Science David Oualaaou
November 11, 2016

As always, but especially after this tumultuous 2016 presidential election, a great many people are concerned with and puzzled over what steps (and in which direction) the U.S. should take in matters both...

Forging Ahead Through Peaks and Valleys

King standing before a slide featuring German historian Leopold von Ranke as he discusses human “progress.”
November 11, 2016

“I’m going to start this by making everyone uncomfortable.” Social justice activist and senior justice writer at New York Daily News Shaun King started off his presentation at Texas A&M University-...

Student Musicians, Magicians and Poets Get a Moment in the Spotlight

Student Musicians, Magicians and Poets Get a Moment in the Spotlight
November 3, 2016

The talent show, a part of the haunted homecoming festivities last week, was full of different acts that embodied the diverse talent of the students of Texas A&M University-Commerce. The evening...

Artful Ancestry: Art gallery hosts ‘Heritage Habitats,’ an installation by Ginger Owen-Murakami and Vicki VanAmeyden’s

Artful Ancestry: Art gallery hosts 'Heritage Habitats,' an installation by Ginger Owen-Murakami and Vicki VanAmeyden's
November 2, 2016

On Tuesday, October 25, 2016 Texas A&M University–Commerce’s very own art gallery was able to exhibit the work of Ginger Owen-Murakami and Vicki VanAmeyden. Incorporated within the artist statement,...

Instructional Designer Continues to Encourage Adaptive Learning Technology Despite Faculty “Hostility”

Instructional Designer Continues to Encourage Adaptive Learning Technology Despite Faculty “Hostility”
November 2, 2016

Though not widely used among faculty, adaptive learning technology, such as the well-known MyMathLab, is being pushed by experts in the education field and by some faculty here in the university because...

Mayo Review Publishes Students’ Short Stories

The 2016 edition of TAMUC’s literary journal, The Mayo Review launched last March.
November 2, 2016

Student-run literary magazines have been helping assist many poets, writers, freethinkers, and artists gain traction. College literary magazines have become the breaking ground for some emerging artists....

United States of Amnesia

United States of Amnesia
October 29, 2016

When it comes to American history, students usually receive a tale of noble men and women protecting their newfound country – in high school, that is. College students wondering why they must take history...

This Revolution Will be Tweeted

Occupy Chicago protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks, a symbol associated with the
October 28, 2016

Social media has made it easy to begin new trends, spread ideas, and show awareness. While there are some movements that are taken lightly, social media movements have allowed important events get started...

University Village in the Works

October 24, 2016

In such effort to involve the Texas A&M University-Commerce housing in the neighborhood between Monroe and West Neal Streets south of the campus plans have been developed to take Commerce into a different...

Clown Nightmares Enter Waking Life

Jonathan Martin, aged 20, was arrested for “allegedly causing public alarm” in his clown costume.
October 20, 2016

Remember when clowns were associated with laughter and entertained children with their silly antics? Well, their popularity has certainly begun to trend by enhancing everyone’s fear of clowns to gargantuan...

The Right to Exist: Co-founder of Equality Florida Nadine Smith speaks about LGBTQ discrimination

October 20, 2016

Nadine Smith, a former journalist and one of the most distinct and notable speakers about equality, gave a talk to Texas A&M University-Commerce of the lessons of equal opportunity. After the Orlando...

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