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Top 5 Veggietales Songs

Photo Credit | Veggietales Twitter

Landon Williams, Staff Reporter

April 13, 2018

By Landon Williams | Staff Reporter Whether from Sunday School or Saturday morning cartoons, everyone knows what Veggietales is. This show is iconic and part of a lot of people’s childhood. While the episodes are mostly religious in nature, many of the songs are not. They are just humorous, fun, and worth...

Quinn XCII ends the Story of Us tour with a bang

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Landon Williams, Staff Reporter

April 11, 2018

By Landon Williams | Staff Reporter The concert started like most do. Low lights illuminated the room with a couple musicians onstage, but the frontman was nowhere to be seen. After a minute or so of instrumental build up, Quinn XCII ran onto stage and started performing. This Dallas show at Trees w...

Despite difficulties, Mainland perseveres through show

Despite difficulties, Mainland perseveres through show

Landon Williams, Staff Reporter

March 15, 2018

Landon Williams | Staff Reporter Mainland couldn’t seem to catch a break during this show. The doors opened long before they were finished sound-checking, the sound engineers couldn’t get the mix right, and their keyboard wasn’t even turned on during a couple songs.  Whenever they were fa...

Phangs on a ‘don’t miss’ tour

Photo Courtesy | Angelina Celest

Landon Williams, Staff Reporter

March 15, 2018

Landon Williams | Staff Reporter The club scene is the place where all bands are born into and where most bands die. It often seems like a black hole where even the most talented artists fight for shreds of recognition among never-ending ticket sales and poorly promoted events. Although, in so...

Vesperteen stuns audiences

Photo Courtesy | Ashton Collins

Landon Williams, Staff Reporter

March 15, 2018

Landon Williams | Staff Reporter Vesperteen was unorthodox in everything they did. For example, frontman and founder Colin Rigsby was also the drummer. When he wasn’t holding down the rhythm, he was waltzing across the stage with a microphone in one hand and a drumstick in the other, flippin...

Coin enraptures the Dallas scene

Coin frontman Chase Lawrence (left) created a welcoming atmosphere for the audience as bassist Zach Dyke (right) jammed out the music. Photo Courtesy | Ashton Collins

Landon Williams, Staff Reporter

March 5, 2018

Landon Williams | Staff Reporter It’s only been seven short months since this Nashville-based, indie pop band has graced Dallas, but that doesn’t mean things haven’t changed. Back in June 2017, Coin played a small show at Club Dada that had a capacity of 100 people. On March 2nd, Coin ...

Harker’s “No Discordance” – Album Review


Landon Williams, Staff Reporter

February 23, 2018

      Landon Williams | Staff Reporter Harker’s newest release “No Discordance” is full of hard hitting, melodic punk anthems that will get your fist pumping from the first note. This band from Brighton, U.K. is breaking ground with a record made up of biting guitar solos, emotional brea...

‘Battlegrounds’ keeps the competition at bay, players enticed

Cristhian Herrera, Senior Reporter

February 16, 2018

PlayerUnknown’s "Battlegrounds" is the second-best-selling PC game with more than 24 million copies sold in 2017. This number is expected to rise with its multi-platform release on Microsoft’s home console, the Xbox One. It also holds the record for the second-highest number of concurrent players...

Thursdays take back the weekend

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BJ Laudermilk, Sports Editor

February 16, 2018

By BJ Laudermilk | Sports Editor In 1982, a show called Cheers premiered on NBC, and though it did horribly in the ratings, finishing 74th out of 77 shows, network executives decided to give the show a renewal, as it received critical acclaim that year, but mostly because they felt they had n...

The magic inside Rick Riordan’s “The Hidden Oracle”

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Todd Kleiboer, Co-Editor

January 24, 2018

From god to wannabe, Apollo faces the ultimate test of his character in Rick Riordan's new series “The Trials of Apollo”, its third installment coming in May. The sun god has been cast down by his angry father Zeus and stripped of his godliness (again), but this time, it's different. Dark pow...

‘Twas the Night Before Finals

'Twas the Night Before Finals

Taylor Ramirez, Staff Writer

December 12, 2017

By Taylor Ramirez | Staff Writer   ‘Twas the night before finals, when all through the campus Every college student was studying, quiet as a mouse. The semester’s quizzes had been graded with care In hopes that an A would appear.   The students were nestled all ...

New Thor Movie Ragnaroks the House

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Kimmie Thompson, Opinion Editor

November 10, 2017

By Kimmie Thompson | Opinion Editor Synopsis: Thor, son of Odin and god of lighting, and his brother Loki have discovered their father Odin has kept a dangerous secret: a long-lost daughter, Hela, the goddess of death. She is more powerful than the brothers combined, and the story follows the bro...

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