The East Texan

Metalcore heroes play to fan base

Andrew Burnes, Editor

September 11, 2014

Ah, Hardcore music. Dubbed Screamo by the rest of us, Hardcore bands around the country have excited fans (and annoyed everyone else) with wimpy, guttural screams and chaotic, time change-heavy riffing. There’s plenty of both to go around on I am King, the sophomore effort from Code Orange (not to...

A stellar supporting cast can’t save ‘If I Stay’ from drowning in teen-love mediocrity

Andrew Burnes, Editor

September 8, 2014

Ever wonder how to stretch a 30-minute episode’s worth of far-fetched, soap opera-style, coma induced, love affairs into an hour-and-a-half high-profile theatrical release? I haven’t either. Apparently, though, director R.J. Cutler thought it would be a fantastic idea. As a result we get If I Stay,...

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