Campus Ministry Looking to Kickstart Branch of “Students Demand Action”


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Group of students demand action protesting

Brianna Patt, Opinion Editor

Students Demand Action is a student organization and branch of “Moms for Action.” Though an on campus branch hasn’t been started yet,  Wesleyan Campus Ministry Pastor Brian Dierolf stated that he’s looking to contribute to one being started. He stated that he feels in light of how close the shooting was, an indifference is far harder to maintain. 

“I feel strongly that we can no longer be apathetic about gun violence,” Dierolf said. “Students need to be helping university police and the adiministration to carry out this action plan together.”

He also stated that he believes that starting an on campus Students Demand Action could encourage students to become more politically active.
“Getting a local group here could raise a lot of awareness,” he said. “Could educate people (especially students) on becoming more politically active, taking more of a process in politics to make a change.”

He feels that this organization will create a physical presence on campus that could make a big impact on campus. He also believes it could help the image of the school in light of the recent on campus shooting. 

“Unfortunately we’ve gotten a ton of negative press,” he said. “And this is something we could do in response and show, “Hey we are trying to make a change, we want our campus to be safe, this is who we really are, were agents of change.” ” 

He also stated that there will be an event in order for students to meet and speak with members of UPD called, “Badges & Barbecue” which will take place March 4. It will take place at the Wesleyan and will allow students a chance to communicate with the police department in order to ask questions. The university department will cook, as well as provide all of the food for the event. He stated that this is something that has been in the works since prior to the shooting at Pride Rock. He feels that this event will give students a chance to be more informed about what the university police department offers students.

“Students will hopefully build a stronger trust if they hear from officers how much training they have gone through,” he said. “How they do handle wellness checks for instance or some other situations.”

Pastor Dierolf’s contact email is [email protected] for any questions you may have for him and or about the event.