Birds of Prey: Review

Jacob Simonek, Entertainment Editor

Birds of Prey was properly changed to Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, because that’s what it was for the entirety of the film. From start to finish, you were primarily following Harley Quinn and it’s only at the climatic last leg of the movie that you see all of the Birds of Prey members together.

Top that off with bad character writing and jarring plot holes, you got yourself the next DC flop of a movie, but at least it wasn’t as bad as Suicide Squad. The movie has so many issues with it, it’s almost enough to turn away people who just come to see Margot Robbie beat up goons with a bat, almost.

When a movie is bad, people don’t want to see it. Marvel and DC movies are in this weird limbo where no matter how bad the movie is, their fans will go see it. Because they are all connected with previous and future movies, DC not as much but the effect is still present. Birds of Prey wasn’t a terrible unwatchable film but it was still a disappointment to watch till the end (especially with the so called “End Credit scene”). It felt rushed with the amount of plot holes and continuity errors. The writing was almost as bad as Suicide Squad.

The main problem with the movie was the name, Birds of Prey. It’s a problem because the group isn’t in the same room, or even all fully introduced until the climax, and the name doesn’t get dropped until the very end! With no build up to why they’re called that. To walk into this movie with the assumption that you are watching a movie about Birds of Prey is to be sorely proven wrong 10 minutes in with Harley Quinn literally says to the audience that it is her movie, not theirs. Harley Quinn breaks the fourth wall way too often, just to insult the audience for believing something the movie was set for you to believe. It’s insulting and leaves the audience feeling stupid for watching it.

The plot is at least enjoyable and you can follow it, but there’s holes in the writing that feels like it was rushed to reach a deadline. With the numerous inconsistency and plot holes, followed by some bad character writing. The movie does make up for it in some jokes and the fact it isn’t trying to be everywhere at once, like Suicide Squad. There’s so many things wrong with the movie if you look at it from a analytical view, but if you are going to see it because you want to see Harley Quinn be Harley Quinn; it’s a movie you can withstand.

C+ is the best grade it could get without lying.