Civility Commitment at A&M Commerce

Lindsey Wiley, Staff Reporter

Civility: The formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech.

The idea of a Civility Commitment at Texas A&M University-Commerce was proposed by president Mark J. Rudin in January 2019 and implemented in the fall 2019. 

The goal of the Civility Commitment is to “enhance civility and collegiality among faculty, staff, students, and guests through engagement in intentional acts of respect, trust, self-accountability, and collaboration.”

Civility Task Force Chair LaVelle Hendricks is directly involved with implementing the idea of civility at the university. 

“My main focus is to coordinate and implement the plan on campus,” Hendricks said.  “That has included setting up trainings for the administration and employees to be trained in the concepts of civility by the Dale Carnegie Group on campus.”

A&M-Commerce is also committed to integrating the seven tenets of civility in a manner that does not silence traditionally marginalized voices. The seven tenets include esteem, humanity , authenticity, obligation and duty, collaboration, discretion, and being unbiased. 

“Over 100 employees have gone through the training thus far,” Hendricks said. 

The training sessions offer the opportunity to staff and students to learn how to foster a healthy environment of conflict resolution and teamwork.

 “Students are part of the initiative,” Hendricks said. “Several members of the Student Government Association have been involved in both the planning and implementing stages.”

Another way for students to be involved with the Civility Commitment is by putting ideas into action. 

In regards to the seven tenets, students are encouraged to treat all students, faculty, staff, and administration with respect at all times; show kindness toward others; be authentic; take responsibility for their actions; work with others in the hopes of achieving a common goal; avoid causing offense to others; and be unbiased and fair. 

For more information on the Civility Commitment, contact [email protected]