Tutoring center, peer mentors are key to student success

Daniel Sanchez, Staff Reporter

By: Daniel Sanchez | Staff Reporter

It is not always easy to ask for help but utilizing the tutoring services that the academic success center provides can lead to success for students struggling with study skills or challenging courses.

Parents, professors and advisors are normally the ones urging students to seek tutoring help. However, the negative connotation associated with the word tutoring can be a deterrent for some.

“I think the term tutoring or tutor has such a negative feel to it,” Coordinator for the Academic Success Center Jodi White said. “When you say, ‘hey you need to go to tutoring’ immediately students will duck their head and look at you like ‘I’m not stupid, I’m not going to tutoring.’ It’s not about whether you’re smart or dumb, it’s about getting the assistance to make it through the course.”

Tutoring, however, can deal with more than just academic help. These peer mentoring sessions often help students socialize outside their normal circles and enhance their overall college experience.

White said students who find tutoring the most valuable are new students and freshmen who do not have the study skills that are needed for higher level classes. She added that freshmen students don’t tend to have the structure that juniors and seniors have.

According to White approximately 1,500 students walk through Gee Library during tours and orientations and learn about the Academic Success Center. White said the tutoring center encounters an average of 3,000 tutoring contact hours per semester.