Texas A&M University-Commerce welcomes new initiative

Kylah Roach, Staff Reporter

By: Kylah Roach | Staff Reporter

Texas A&M University – Commerce Venture College has started The Aurora Initiative with the help of University President and CEO, Dr. Mark Rudin. 

The Aurora Initiative is a student organization sponsored by Venture College that teaches and assists students and faculty to launch their for-profit or non-profit projects.” Head of Management and Economics Department and Director of Venture College, Dr. Mario Hayek said.

The Aurora Initiative started on campus last semester and is open to any student that attends the university free of charge. 

“There are no fees to be a part of Venture College or Aurora,” Dr. Hayek said. “In fact, Venture College helps fund travel and other research and development expenditures to its members.”

University President and CEO, Dr. Mark Rudin, and many others have been of assistance when it comes to funding for the college and initiative. 

“President Rudin funded Venture College,” Dr. Hayek said. We have received donations and sponsorships from faculty, staff, alumni and corporations such as Atmos Energy and the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce. Also, we have applied for [National Science Foundation] grants.”

Venture College and the Aurora Initiative will continue on campus for the Fall 2020-Spring 2021 academic year, even with some changes to the Initiative. 

“Venture College and The Aurora Initiative will be here for years to come,” said Dr. Hayek. “In fact, starting in Fall 2020, students who participate in The Aurora Initiative will receive zero credits for completing the program. This will be reflected on their transcripts, and likely improve their odds of getting hired.”

For more information on The Aurora Initiative or Venture College, contact Dr. Mario Hayek, at [email protected]