Knives Out Review

Jacob Simonek, Staff Reporter

People seem to have forgotten this movie under the backlash that both Cats and Rise of Skywalker got, so in light of the horrid films we had to endure in the past, allow me to recommend this new genuinely funny movie.

Knives out is reminiscent of the classic Clue movie in that it follows the investigation of murder with humor that won’t be make your catholic grandma writhe in shck but laugh with, that is whenever “Language” Captain America’s Chris Evans isn’t dropping F-bombs back and forth like it’s operation rolling thunder.

Without telling too much about the movie, a famous murder mystery novelist dies in on the same night that his 3 children, their respective wives and husbands, his 3 grandkids, his maid ,and hospice nurse were there, making the idea of a suspect all too hard to tell. So with little to go on to assume it was a murder, but not a suicide as the family is saying. Detective Blanc (played by Daniel Craig doing a southern Foghorn Leghorn impression) believes it to be a murder and investigate.

The cast is nothing to skim over either. You have Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Katherine Langford, and the list just goes on! Each of these characters diverse with their own personalities that shine and reflect off each other! When the family argues it feels like an actual family bickering with the uncalled for mud slinging and how quickly they turn to and from allies to rivals depending on who’s in the room.

The story is also very fun to follow along and try to piece together everything, because just like in all murder mysteries, everything is given to you without you knowing. Except in this case, the biggest reveal comes right when the movie picks up, but I won’t ruin it for you. This movie is a perfect one to buy physical and watch with the family every christmas because it’s just has that genuinely classic movie feel. I give Knives Out a solid A.