The Witcher Review

Jacob Simonek, Staff Reporter

By: Jacob Simonek | Staff Reporter

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably read my amazing Manadalorian review (If not, your loss) and I am here to tell you that this show is that, but medieval! You have two sides of the same coin here and it has been the best time to have enough disposable income that you can afford Disney+ and Netflix. The Witcher is showing to become the newest favorite netflix show of mine whenever is Bojack Horseman sadly over. 

The Witcher is everything I wanted, I wanted monsters, I wanted said monsters getting the cold silver against their flesh! That’s what The Witcher is! It’s a show about a man, Geralt (played by Henry Cavill) who’s a Witcher of course. A Witcher is a type of superhuman that’s capable of slaying monsters with their supernatural speed, strength, and striking Henry Cavill muscles! So in a world of magic and monsters, we have Superman walking around with two swords stabbing and slicing!

The cast is also such an incredible line up of people I didn’t even know (except Henry Cavill). So if you aren’t there for Superman, you are there for ABC Murders’ Anya Chalotra as Yennefer or even for my favorite character, Jaskier who is played by Knightfall’s Joey Batey. All the characters feel as if they are the main characters of their own show and it brings them all together so nicely! 

But no show is without it’s mistakes, and The Witcher has a blaring one. The Witcher does not take place chronologically but rather, each storyline in an episode could take place way before we even start the “Geralt Timeline” of the show, all the way to be happening while Geralt’s Timeline is in the finale.

It leads to much confusion as you are lead to believe that 3 episodes worth of story, happened while Geralt was passed out from an attack? With so many characters coming and going in the show it’s also hard to pick up on the ones that come back to show a vague placement of where in the timeline you are, especially vague because no one ages, for years.

So, if you are a fan of monster slaying heroes and an intriguing storyline for each episode, then I recommend this show. Either keep a watchful eye or find a Spoiler free time chart to follow along. The Witcher is a solid B+ for me. It has amazing potential as the first season was entirely building up for the next one, but I have to review what I have.