The Mandalorian: The Full Review

Jacob Simonek, Staff Reporter

By Jacob Simonek | Staff Reporter

That’s right! The show is over and mom said it’s my turn again on the review soap box!  You heard me right, I am writing a second review and guess what? It only got better! Who better to do this review than the guy who wrote an over 10 page Force Bible for his Star Wars History class AND already wrote a review for this show back in its early stages!

So let’s go all the way back to when we were sad and bored when we didn’t have the shows we have today, and explain what The Mandalorian is about and who is, as well as what is a Mandalorian. In a quick little SparkNotes fashion here is the needs and knows; Mandalorians area creed of people spanning multiple races that all unify as a family of bounty hunters that see war, weapons, and armor all as religious elements given to strengthen. The show follows one of these Mandalorians as he struggles to protect a baby that he was originally sent to kill, but couldn’t.

In my past review, I said the pacing would sometimes leave me hungry for more but now that it’s over, done, and able to binge, that issue is gone! Let me reiterate my prior issue/love for this show because you most likely need a recap of my last review. Almost each episode was directed by a new (and great) director, so the pacing varies because one episode is a slow retelling of the classic Seven Samurai while another is a fast paced prison break episode. This was a painful drag when you had to wait an entire week but when you can keep going, it’s a rollercoaster of joy and excitement!

One of my biggest issues with the Star Wars movies and shows was that it was mainly about the Jedi, Jedi this, Jedi that, blah blah blah. I want to know what that guy in cloud city was holding that looked like an ice cream maker. It wasn’t a big issue but it was something that was irking me ever since I read the books and comics and learned so much more! This show has no Jedi, you heard me right. You have a baby using the force and that’s it. No light saber (Don’t @ me about the post credit scene, I know what I saw and I spoken!) This brings in so much potential, especially since literally only one (good) person in the entire show actually knew what the Jedi are.

Every episode is jammed packed with it’s own little treats from famous comedians like Bill Burr and references to the original and prequel movies (Like the very booth that Han shot Greedo in!) So there’s just so much more for a Star Wars nerd like me to love about the show, while still having the simple and excellent writing to keep regular watchers thrilled to see the next episode. I said this review was going to be better and I’m sticking with it. With the season done and a new one on the way, I recommend this show to anyone who needs a binge worthy show, this is why I’m giving it a solid 9/10 as while it is such a great show, it was truly amazing for fans and wouldn’t give the same awesome factor without knowing the lore behind things such as the weapons used and the mandalore culture itself, they really leave it up to you to find out yourself.