Sigma Chi House Gets Updates

Kolby Cowart, Reporter

Sigma Chi’s new chapter house, weather depending, is due to finish in less than 90 days. 

They had a groundbreaking ceremony for their new educational center on Oct. 14, 2017 and the house began construction in early June of this year. Within the house, there will be two main rooms. One big room downstairs for social gatherings and another big room upstairs for their chapter meetings. Along with those, a section of the house upstairs will be for their Consul (President) and Pro Consul (Vice President) to live in. 

There will be two kitchens, one indoor and the other outdoors. The chapter has also included a spot for an elevator, but it won’t be installed immediately. With smaller details, their badge will be in the entrance of the house and they are adding custom bricks for some of their alumni. They are keeping their old apartments where they currently reside and are wanting to add a privacy fence around it. The space between the new chapter house and the old apartments will be astroturf.

The members are incredibly excited for the finishing of the chapter house. President of Sigma Chi, Parker Aguilar, stated that he’s super excited about the balcony of the house and being able to look over the whole school. Alumni Relations Chair Sebastian Romero said that he’s “excited for social gatherings we’re going to have on the bottom floor. It gives us a lot more space to have more people and it’s safer, too.” Public Relations Chair, Kevin Sustiata, continued on with this statement, “it’s completely indoors and it’s well ventilated so it won’t get stuffy,” Sigma Chi is also trying to pay for the house all in cash so they won’t have to make payments on it. Aguilar said that their “alumni are donating all the money upfront so in the future they are able to do a scholarship program,” Fall 2019 pledge, Chris Kellough, said that it’s “really cool to have another spot and a lot more guys around the clock and it’s easier to have that brotherhood, right there, right now.”

The chapter is giving much of the credit to their alumni and wants to thank them, as well. Aguilar stated that “this is them giving back to us, and we want to give back as much as possible.” He continued on that another thing he’s excited about is that chapter house will bring alumni around more often and they are able to “bool with the boys.” Kellough, said that “the alumni are really inspiring since they are super successful and seeing them give back as much as they do is motivation for all of us,” Romero expressed his eagerness about the custom bricks for their alumni, because it “shows how big alumni connections are with us and how much they give back. So, we decided to give back to them by putting the bricks in the house,” Sustiata finished by stating “the house is going to be a showcase of what Zeta Eta truly is.” 

Along with the new chapter house, they plan on adding a basketball court where their parking lot is and redoing that entire area.