Talbot Hall Mini-Golf Course

Jazzlyn Enbysk, Reporter

The mini golf structures outside of Talbot Hall are part of an on-going project led by Professor Joseph Daun that started in one of his summer sculpting classes he taught June of 2019. The sculptures are meant to represent different aspects of the university and reflect student life on the university campus.

The 8 sculptures existing were designed and created by the 8 undergraduate students in Daun’s course, and he himself is working on 9th hole in order to complete the fully functioning mini golf course. “The idea was decided between the students and I, but we knew we had to make it university related since they had provided us with the resources and location in order to make it possible. We decided to focus on specific disciplines and parts of the university that were well known.” He gives explanations for some of the completed structures, discussing the one that depicts an apple, books and pencils, “This student decided to focus on the university’s history as a teacher school, the sculpture is actually carved out of foam,then covered in stucco, and painted. The students were also responsible for building their own platforms and designing the hole for the mini-golf course.” 

One of the course holes is an homage to a notable alumni of the school, Trenton Doyle Hancock. The mini golf hole showcases a variety of aspects that can be found in Hancock’s abstract work and is one of the more complicated holes to play in the course. There are also sculptures for the planetarium, the climbing rock wall in the Rec Center, and the music program. As for the continuing work on the project, Daun say we would like to have the project finished by finals week so that student will have something to look forward to between tests and studying.