Keeping Commerce Green

Tylar Brown, Reporter

The City of Commerce is having a recycling day on November 16 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. it will take place in the parking lot on the corner of Walnut and Campbell streets. 

There are recycling bins at the event for glass, paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard  and more, but it will also allow people to recycle tires without the wheels attached,batteries, composite items metal, appliances and electronics. The event is sponsored by the Commerce Beautification Commission, Texas A&M Commerce University, Hunt County, Commerce Chamber of Commerce and Commerce Cares Recycling. 

The National Day for Recycling is November 15 it is held every single year this day is national recognized and aro;und this day National Recycling Day organizers try to reach out to neighbors and its community to try to bring awareness to recycling. There is a site that you can go to that will allow to organize a event like the one in Commerce for your community if you wanted to start one up yourself. You can go onto Google and type in America Recycles Day and you can sign up for the Keep America Beautiful Program to attempt to make your community recycling friendly.

A&M Commerce has recycling bins all around the Campus to try to make kids students more aware of the environment and to try to teach them to recycle. I Know that some of the residential halls have recycling bins in the lobbies and different floors for students to still be able to recycle in their living areas. Claire Johnson who is a Residential Assistant at Phase 2 A&M Commerce said, “ The Recycling bins are changed about 2 times a month and have been in the lobby since the start of August this year”.

The National Recycling Month for the United States is in the Month of April and was created in 1989 President George Bush. The reason he created the month was so that the United States could reform their solid waste management. During this time America was producing about 160 million tons a year and our solid waste landfills were beginning to overfill and space was starting to look scarce. In 2015 american’s were producing about 200 million tons and 75 percent of it is recyclable, but only 30 percent is recycled. With April being recycling month and Earth Day in April as well you have that whole month bringing awareness to recycling.