New Age of News

Morgan Mouton, Staff Reporter

The East Texan newspaper is adding a new addition to their website, podcasts which will coincide with the print version of the paper. 

A podcast is an audio series that users can download and listen to or even listen to live depending on what day and time of it being aired. The podcast is produced by students and will be in line with The East Texan is regards to what the newspaper is writing about that week. It will be news oriented and will discuss topics that concern students or benefit students. 

Currently student radio with KKOM are broadcasting on Channel 3 local, and want a way to reach out to more listeners. Aligning with The East Texan they have the ability to work together, in order to produce a more interactive form of the news. “We want to grow our listeners and The East Texan readers,” Joel Brasier said “We hope to accomplish showing alumni the great things that the multimedia journalism department is doing, and giving another avenue that can reach them in order to possibly help our department grow.” 

There is currently six on air personalities that will be producing the podcast- Jocyln Ventura, Jazzlyn Enbysk, Cydnee Drake, Evans Dennis, Kolby Cowart, and Joel Brasier. The personalities will rotate daily so everyone will have produced a podcast weekly. Massmedia journalism students will be able to build their portfolios before graduation with these podcasts, and give themselves more experience in the field they want to go into. “For each person the topics are going to be unique towards their show, for mine I am hoping to focus on pop culture. It will go hand in hand with anything that might be on the entertainment page for the East Texan,”Jocyln Ventura said “we already have the equipment and have the program in order to record, we just need to produce it together and make sure it actually is on the website. Ventura stated that she believes their toughest problem will be adjusting to the podcast, “we do have some newbies, me being one of them, it’ll just take some time adjusting.”  

The air date for the podcast is still undetermined but will be available at the East Texan website  next semester. In the spring semester they hope to expand the list of personalities and get more people across campus involved from not only mass media journalism but from other departments on campus as well. 


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