Greenville Protest: Group gathers, calls for Brandon Gonzales’ freedom

This is part of tonight's protest to #freebrandon. In this video clip protesters gathered on the steps of the Hunt County Courthouse as part of their demonstration. The protest was announced last week by the Rev. Jeff Hood, an author and activist who has been involved in multiple demonstrations alleging police brutality and overreach.

Posted by Daniel Yanez on Saturday, November 2, 2019

Daniel Yanez

Daniel Yanez, Reporter

Brandon Gozales the 23-year-old arrested for the recent Greenville shooting at the Party Venue was released from the Hunt County Jail on Tuesday evening in the wake of new evidence.

The release comes after a lack of cooperation from witnesses and the discovery of exculpatory evidence according to a statement from the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office. In addition to his release, the sheriff’s office has requested the Hunt County District Attorney’s Office take no action against Gonzales’ case.

View the photo gallery of the protest held last Saturday calling for Gonzales’ freedom.