COIN welcomes its fans home

Landon Williams, Staff Reporter

COIN band members perform. Photo Courtesy | Ashton Collins @ashyybrooke

Landon Williams | Staff Reporter

Every single show that Coin has played in Dallas has been sold out, and their most recent show on Feb. 17 was no exception. In fact, this show has been the largest sold-out Coin performance to date.

The crowd was greeted by a robotic voice saying “Welcome home” before the music even began. At first it felt like a theatrical way to introduce the show, but as everything progressed, you realized that this is meant to feel like home. Coin fans knew what they wanted, and Coin gave it to them. Every single show that Coin puts on does feel like home, and that’s not an accident. Great things don’t happen accidentally, and Coin has been built with intention and emotion.

The welcome home voice is not a new way for Coin to begin their show. During their last performance in Dallas on March 2, 2018, their show began the same way. There are many similarities between this show and the last one. Their song ‘Malibu 1992’, which is arguably the pinnacle of the show, also began and was orchestrated the same way as before.

All in all, this is not too surprising because the band is on the tail-end of the same album cycle. Personally, it was a pleasure getting to experience these moments again. They were special and carried the same amount of weight as when they were seen the first time.

As the band has grown in recognition, their style and show have not changed. What has changed is the scope of how they can present what they have created. They now get bigger stages, larger crowds, and more production opportunities to express how they feel. Chase Lawrence and the rest of the band have always been expressive performers. They all look like they are genuinely enjoying themselves while playing their music, but this tour took it up a notch. Lawrence falls to the ground at the climax of the show, members jump off the drum risers, and Lawrence even crowd surfs near the end.

The biggest difference between this show and their last one was the immense amount of new music that was performed. Since their last stint in Dallas, they released well-received songs like “I Want It All,” “Cemetery,” and “Simple Romance.” Each song got its turn during the set, and each one felt like it was supposed to be there.

Watching their new music fit effortlessly in with their old music further solidified that this experience is meant to feel like home. If things keep going like they are now, Coin will continue to build their momentum, and fans are going to keep buying out shows time and time again.