Jessie Reyez – Being Human in Public: B, A Vulnerable EP

Philip Boulware , Staff Reporter

Jessie Reyez bears her soul in this new E.P.|Photo courtesy of Pigeon and Planes

The latest 7-track EP is properly titled as the Canadian Alternative R&B singer-

songwriter expresses herself in her most vulnerable project to date. The extended playlist

contains all songs written by Reyez herself.

What Reyez does with this project is allow her fanbase to see the layers of her

style and personality. Most of the album deals with love and the freedom to do as you

feel regardless of who judges you for it.

The album’s first single, ‘’Body Count’’, features Fifth Harmony’s Normani and

Kehlani, who Reyez has previously written for, in a song about the right to love

whoever she feels as she alludes to dodging many male suitors. The women collectively

provide an ode to free-spirited individuals who’ve experienced complex love lives.

The album also sees the Columbian singer display her Latin roots with ‘’Sola’’,

an acoustic ballad done entirely in Spanish. Her determination illuminates in the

project’s intro ‘’Saint Nobody’’, where she states ‘’Nobody’s gonna say I didn’t give it

all’’. The song serves as a homage to her parents for providing

motivation for her to pursue her musical career.

As far as signature ballads, her soft yet raspy vocals help incorporate much

emotional depth in songs like ‘’Apple Juice and Imported’’. While ‘’Dear Yessie’’ and

‘’F*** Being Friends’’ infuse Hip-Hop in her delivery as she raps most of the verses.

The project shows what can be done when a songwriter is unrestricted in their

composition process. The album dealt with so much rigorous honesty that it was as if she

was venting to someone close. Much could be accredited to Reyez’s Billboard magazine

interview where she says, ‘’I’ve never been great at getting over stuff quickly.’’.

With the success of her amazing collaborations on Eminem’s chart-topping rap album, Kamikaze as well as individual singles, Reyez certainly has a bright career ahead. Her music seems to position her as the spokeswoman for ‘’Outspoken R&B’’