A&M-Commerce student releases single on Spotify, iTunes

Juan Carlos Ferrer, Staff Reporter

Photo Courtesy | Landon Williams

Juan Carlos Ferrer | Staff Reporter

Texas A&M – Commerce’s very own Landon Williams has taken time out of his busy school schedule to release his first song “Silver Linings.”

Landon, a nursing major, shares with us his story of struggle and victory in “Silver Linings.” Religion is brought up in the song, and while some people may not follow a religion, the song is still relatable in many ways.

He shares with listeners how his failures constantly play in his head and how he lost his path. The lyrics hit home for the listeners because of how relatable situations like that can be.

“Recently I’ve lied awake in bed at night binge watching my failures instead of resting in my bed,” Landon states in “Silver Linings.”

Mistakes and failures can cause people to beat themselves up, and it leads to more negative thoughts about oneself. People can spiral down a dark path because of those thoughts, and Landon expresses that in his song. He shares how he spiraled down and feared of never landing.

“And I’m scared that I may never truly land on my feet,” Landon sings.

The beauty of this song is that it’s a story of struggle and triumph. Whether it’s with religion, people or other situations, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

“The light of God’s son is my silver lining,” Landon sings.

Landon Williams’ stage name is “To See Not To look.” His song will be was released Oct. 26 in every major platform.