Places to Dine and Relax in Commerce

Charla Nalls and Todd Kleiboer

By Charla Nalls and Todd Kleiboer | Staff Reporter, Co-Editor

An out-of-the-way college town like Commerce is usually looked over, but there are diamonds in the rough in the form of the small businesses that call Commerce their home.

Downtown Commerce is slowly becoming a place for small businesses to flourish. One of the newest businesses is Too Good! Treats, and people are buzzing about it. The shop offers gourmet popcorn flavors, candies, glass bottle sodas and rolled ice cream. It’s a great place to sit down and enjoy a treat with friends in a family friendly environment.

Mugs Coffee is also located downtown and has become a hot spot for meeting up off campus. You can sit and have coffee or tea with your favorite baked goods and study or socialize. Mugs has a 5-star rating on yelp and has been called “Every coffee lover’s dream” by reviewers.

The storefront of the coffee shop Mugs, located on the Commerce square. Photo Courtesy | @mugsonthesquare via Twitter

The square is also home to Dos Laredos, a delicious Tex-Mex restaurant. It’s a popular spot for students to eat because of its welcoming atmosphere, and it’s entirely possible to be sitting alone but be joined later by friend who happened to be walking in.

Speaking of Tex-Mex, Commerce has three Tex-Mex restaurants including Dos Laredos. The other two are Los Mochis on Lee St. and Taco Burrito Express on Live Oak St. Taco Burrito Express is typically cheaper and faster in its service, and they serve everything from enchiladas to tortas to menudo. For Todd, Los Mochis and Dos Laredos are comparable, but then his palate doesn’t really discriminate against good food.

The Japanese restaurant Tokyo Express has gained a huge following in Commerce with their delectable meals, and they offer classic Japanese dishes like sushi and nigari as well as a small menu of American items for those who are unsure about diving into sushi. While it is good, Tokyo Express is a bit on the expensive side as well. However, it definitely worth it, especially for those who have never tried Japanese food.

A dish from Tokyo Express. Photo Courtesy | Pham Nhat Minh via Google

Another business that opened just a few years ago is Omega’s N’ Eggs, the perfect place for Southern comfort food. With gigantic portions, such as a cinnamon rolls about five to six inches across, and breakfast all day, Omega’s is where a lot of the townspeople and students go if they crave a taste of home-cooked meals.

The two staples of Commerce restaurants, however, are definitely the Italian restaurant Luigi’s on Highway 24 and the burger shop LuLu’s on Culver St. Luigi’s is a tad expensive, but it’s definitely worth it for the tasty dishes they whip up. LuLu’s serves large burgers with thick patties that draw in the students from the campus, and they also consistently offer deals like two for one burger deal.

To be fair, there are definitely more than just the places listed here to eat in Commerce, but the authors just hit the highlights. Exploring Commerce, which doesn’t take long, is the best way to find all of the hidden foodie gems.