Eco Reps bring environmental awareness to students

Phil Boulware, Staff Reporter

A photo from a Gee Lake cleanup event held by EcoLions, a related group that works with Eco Reps. Photo Courtesy | TAMUC

By Phil Boulware | Staff Reporter

At A&M Commerce, the Eco Reps are present to educate students about the university’s sustainability awareness program. With the community’s assistance and student participation, they have expanded to bigger projects due to increasing turnouts that have exceeded expectations.

”We’re here to help our environment and educate others on ways that they help as well,” Larissa Rubio said, Hall Operations Lead Student Worker.

Eco Reps, themselves, are undergraduate students who reside on campus to inform their peers on the importance on environmental safety and maintenance, as well as, providing support and guidance to residents.

One of their biggest projects is an ongoing operation that helps engage students to recycle in their respective residential halls. In some cases, they have offered incentives for which hall could recycle the most.

”This program is unique because it’s not limited to tenure,” Facilities Coordinator Ashley McLaurin said. ”We have students from various studies that have left and came back just because they are very enthusiastic about helping out. We seek passion and progression.”

Their first project of the school year was recycling aluminum cans at the football tailgates. Monthly, they conduct at least two events: a family event and a campus wide event, in addition to preparing for upcoming events such as projects for Earth Day and a festival for Halloween.

”We’ve even had the Commerce mayor, Wyman Williams, attend and support one of our events.” Kathy Creech McGrath, Associate Director said.

Students that are interested in becoming an Eco Rep or Eco Lion intern, which both offer compensation, can visit their office in the Halladay Student Services.