Marvel’s Spiderman

Juan Carlos Ferrer , Staff Reporter


 Marvel’s Spiderman PS4 game is telling a whole new story.|Image courtesy of Game Spot 





The Marvel hero Spider-Man is back in action, but this time he’s not on the big screen.

The friendly neighborhood superhero is making his way toward anyone’s home, as long as they own a Playstation 4 (PS4). Marvel’s latest video game on the protagonist, named after the hero himself, is one of the year’s highly anticipated video games, and it is exclusively for PS4.

The game allows the player to be both Peter Parker and Spider-Man throughout the entire story. Some missions are played as Peter while others are played as Spider-Man. Marvel’s “Spider-Man” shows both sides of the character while telling a new story that is not connected to any of the movies or comic books.

Many popular characters are in Marvel’s “Spider-Man.” On the protagonist side, Mary Jane Watson and Miles Morales make an appearance, just to name a couple. Of course, the game needs villains to be considered a “superhero game.” As television commercials have shown, there is a variation of the Sinister Six in “Spider-Man” that includes Rhino and Scorpion, with the rest left as a surprise.

The video game has truly lived up to the positive feedback so far. In addition to the fact that is has been a while since a superhero game -besides Batman- has been released, “Spider-Man” captures what it is like to be the web-slinging hero in a beautiful fashion.

The details of New York City are as accurate as can be. People are constantly walking in the game from point A to point B. When pedestrians see Spider-Man walking or swinging by, they either clap, snap a picture or cheer for him. The player can also greet people as Spider-Man by pressing the square button on the PS4 controller. It is also fun to climb on top on the Empire State Building and look around the New York City skyline.

Besides the game’s main storyline, there are side missions that involve fighting crime, taking pictures of famous buildings, and assisting the New York Police Department whenever the help is needed. There is also a feature called “photo mode” in the game that allows the player to take a picture of  just about anything. The best thing that has come from that feature are the selfies, because the moment things go rough in the game, the player can quickly go to “photo mode” and take a selfie with either Rhino charging at them or explosions in the background. It can turn a serious situation into something laughable.

Downloadable content will be released by the end of the year in order to expand the game. More missions will be added, which will introduce new characters. For now, Marvel’s “Spider-Man” is fun to play. The controls are easy to learn and the game runs smoothly. “Spider-Man” has indeed lived up to its anticipation, and is arguably one of best games that has released this year for the PS4.