Album Review: Eminem’s ‘Kamikaze’

Juan Carlos Ferrer, Staff Reporter

Juan Carlos Ferrer | Staff Reporter

“Kamikaze” is Eminem’s latest album, and it is unlike anything else he has released throughout his career. The surprise release shocked fans and is the closest thing to Slim Shady, Eminem’s violent alter ego that hasn’t been heard from in nearly a decade, that fans will get. The album is more of an insult to a number of people. The 45-year-old rapper makes clear how unhappy he is with the path the rap genre is taking.

“Do you have any idea how much I hate this choppy flow everyone copies though? Probably no,” Eminem raps in “The Ringer.”

Eminem targeted a number of current mainstream hip-hop artists in “Kamikaze.” Some of the insults involve controversial topics. Machine Gun Kelly and Tyler the Creator were the two names that jumped out from the list of artists being dissed. The album is filled with insults, but he also praises a select few from the current rap generation.

“If you ain’t Joyner if you ain’t Kendrick, or Cole, or Sean then you’re a goner,” Eminem raps in “The Ringer.” Besides praising those three, he accused others of simply using “recycled material,” which he claims is in today’s rap music.

“Kamikaze” is indeed a diss album to today’s artists. Eminem manages to create wild verses that shed light on his frustrations while proving why many consider him one of the best rappers of all time.

Listeners on Twitter and Facebook considered the album “wack” and “trash,” while others said the album is “just an old man ranting.” While he may be older than the typical rap artist today, and he clearly is ranting on the album, Eminem captures what those who have listened to rap music for over a decade feel in the songs “The Ringer” and “Not Alike.”

“Kamikaze” is not for everyone. If the listener’s looking for a song to party to, then this album isn’t it. If the listener cares about the content, meaning, lyrical flow, and storytelling, then “Kamikaze” is the album to listen to.