Nursing student goes viral with roadside tweet for drivers

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Landon Williams (pictured here) went viral over the summer with a tweet pertaining to bad drivers. Photo Courtesy | @JaggedLandon Twitter

By Christian Aleman | Co-Editor

It seems like everyone is always scrolling endlessly on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and maybe even Facebook to catch the latest memes, videos, Vine compilation or whatever else might be trending.  

However, few can say they have gone from commenting and sharing content created by others to being the focus of attention and seeing a post they created go viral. Among that select group is Landon Williams, a nursing major at A&M-Commerce.

Earlier this summer while Williams was on a roadtrip to Nashville, TN with his sister, a driver moved into the lane they were in without using a turn signal.

“We were joking about it while stopped for gas right after and boom – a tweet was born,” Williams said.

He was driving when his post began to gain traction and started being shared on a large scale.

“Before I knew what was going on, it felt like someone was trying to call me constantly,” he said. “Imagine 114,000 notifications over three days from Twitter alone.”

Upon seeing Williams’ post shared all over Facebook, Twitter and a number of social media sites, his family and friends began tagging him in screenshots of where they had seen his post.

“They were always really surprised and excited for me,” he said.

Even weeks after the post originally went viral, Williams still receives notifications of people interacting with the tweet.

“I’m still getting notifications from that tweet actually,” he said. “A lot less, but it never actually goes away.”

Williams posted the Twitter statistics behind the viral post. Photo Courtesy | @JaggedLandon Twitter

Williams is using his newfound status to help Dawn Treader, a nonprofit organization that is working to start an orphanage in Guatemala. He linked the organization’s Twitter as a response to the original tweet in hope of getting support from those who interacted with the post.

“I’m trying to get it as much attention and support as possible with this quick moment of popularity,” Williams said.

He returns to TAMUC this semester as a junior – with a new story to tell those who haven’t seen his post plastered across the internet.