Jet Black Alley Cat jumps into the limelight

Photo Courtesy | Ashton Collins

Landon Williams | Staff Reporter

Jet Black Alley Cat’s show was equally as wild as their wardrobe. Each member waltzed onstage each wearing extremely distinct clothing. From leopard print sweaters to diamond studded suit jackets, this band was dressed to impress.

Hailing from Nashville Tennessee, this vintage-sounding rock group showed Dallas how to have fun. No one on the stage that night was afraid to get personal with the crowd. Each member would walk straight up to people and sing to the audience on big parts of each song.

It’s important to know that this show happened at The Curtain Club, a smaller venue holding around 100 audience members. The stage is small and doesn’t leave much room for a five-person act like Jet Black Alley Cat to be inventive. All that being said, it didn’t stop them from putting on a good show.

The biggest moment that night was undoubtedly when the band started playing their most popular song at the moment, “She’s Alright.” Everyone in the room went ballistic when it started, and the people who didn’t know it definitely did by the time it was over.

The music itself sounded similar to the 1975 but with more soul and rock and roll. The band created ambient atmospheres for the foundation of the evening and then proceeded to define each song further using each instrument to communicate the specific emotions.

On top of the ambient vibe that was prevalent during their show, the energy felt like it was primarily driven by the two guitarists. Each song had specific guitar licks that accentuated the rhythm and made the already foot tapping worthy songs even better.

No one on stage was still during the show and it was really easy for the audience to have fun because it genuinely felt like the band was having fun.

Groovy is the perfect word to describe this show as a whole. Each band member was so deep in the musical pocket of performance that all of their movements felt like secondhand nature.

For a show that happened on Friday the 13th, it was definitely the opposite of cursed. This young band is making strides to solidify their presence in the indie/alt rock scene really quickly. If they keep developing their show and building what they are already good at, they will find themselves playing venues a lot larger than the Curtain Club in a short amount of time.