Top 5 Veggietales Songs

Photo Credit | Veggietales Twitter

By Landon Williams | Staff Reporter

Whether from Sunday School or Saturday morning cartoons, everyone knows what Veggietales is. This show is iconic and part of a lot of people’s childhood. While the episodes are mostly religious in nature, many of the songs are not. They are just humorous, fun, and worth revisiting. Here are the top 5 Veggietales songs ever made.


5. His Cheeseburger

Was there ever a more tragic love than of this Romeo and”…. his cheeseburger? This song speaks of timeless emotions and a heartfelt story that will leave you hungry for more. Cheeseburgers are always dependable and won’t leave you for spending Saturday with the boys. It’s great to have music permeate pop-culture that speaks to all food lovers and to finally proclaim that cheeseburgers and love go hand in hand.


 4. Endangered Love

Just when you’re convinced that cheeseburgers are the epitome of platonic companionship, this song proves you wrong. It’s about unrequited love between a cucumber and a manatee named Barbara. Barbara is from an undersea soap opera with drama that rivals that of The Little Mermaid. Barbara’s current man can’t dance and her only dream is for someone to take her to the ball. Larry the Cucumber sings of his undying love and ability to dance, promising to give Barbara the night out she deserves. This heart wrenching song is beautiful and truly a masterpiece in a world of second class love stories.


3. The Hairbrush Song

This song is possibly the most relatable song ever to be created. Everyone has a hairbrush and everyone has lost their hairbrush. Moreover, that lost hairbrush is usually found in the possession of a roommate or sibling that shouldn’t be using it to begin with. That’s what this song is about. It’s about Larry the Cucumber’s desperate search for his beloved hairbrush, not only to discover that a peach has commandeered it, but also that Larry doesn’t have any hair. This double whammy of a climax makes the catchy melodies and relatable lyrics cemented into the most amazing ballad about a hairbrush ever written.


2. I Love My Lips

Self love should be taught from an early age. What Love My Lips does is introduce this concept and show that people should be passionate about who they are. In this song, Larry the Cucumber is back, but this time he’s talking with a therapist about how much he loves his lips. He swoons at the thought of his lips leaving him and reminisces about when he almost lost them in a gate. This story touches on learning about other cultures as well and teaches the viewers how to say “lips” in Polish. The underlying theme of love yourself and love other people is subtly given in a fun and humorous way. It’s unique and it surely will make your lips smile.

1. The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything

The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything is the peak of Veggietales’ musical endeavors. It’s the only song ever to have its own feature film and quite possibly the most irrational work of art ever made. A group of swashbuckling scallywags take turns singing about how they have never done anything at all. Some of the things they haven’t done include bathed in yogurt, walked the plank, or been to Boston in the Fall. They haven’t been anywhere or done anything noteworthy. That’s what makes it amazing. A vast majority of people in real life haven’t been anywhere or done anything groundbreaking either. Its comforting, funny, and enjoyable to watch in-between the nothingness of each Netflix marathon. The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything is a family that everyone is a part of, unless you’ve been to Boston in the Fall.