Quinn XCII ends the Story of Us tour with a bang

Photo Credit | quinnxcii.com

By Landon Williams | Staff Reporter

The concert started like most do. Low lights illuminated the room with a couple musicians onstage, but the frontman was nowhere to be seen. After a minute or so of instrumental build up, Quinn XCII ran onto stage and started performing.

This Dallas show at Trees was the last show of the Story of Us tour through the United States. The energy that each musician was able to keep was extremely impressive considering that they had all been on the road since February.

Even though the general energy of the stage show was high and the music was entertaining, there weren’t very many memorable moments built into each song near the beginning. The set flowed together almost too well, for the first two-thirds of the performance there were no memories that Quinn built with the crowd. Quinn was great while his music was really ear catching, but the artistic expression of his music didn’t match that of his live performance for a bit.

About two-thirds of the way through the set, Quinn started playing his song 60 Seconds, and that’s when the show began to truly change into a memorable experience.  The quality of the performance shot up, and the crowd’s interactions with Quinn got more intense. The Story Of Us tour definitely saves the best for last.

Possibly one of the most entertaining parts of the night was drummer Patty Miller. She was a true performer, and her movements kept your attention on-stage constantly.

The show itself was sold-out, and any sold-out show has a really special vibe to it. Near the end of the set, one of the members dove off the stage, opener Chelsea Cutler joined Quinn for his song Flare Guns while dressed in a Dallas Mavericks jersey, and even the lights abandoned the patterns they had kept for more expressive ones. Everything really came together in the end and made the big picture of what the show was supposed to be a lot clearer.

In all, this was a great show by really talented people that could have been organized a little bit better to make the beginning more attention-grabbing. Each member’s musical abilities were top-notch, the songs were really well-written, and the showmanship of Quinn felt natural. The sold-out crowd didn’t seem to have any complaints either because the only feedback they gave was thunderous applause.