Harker’s “No Discordance” – Album Review

Landon Williams, Staff Reporter



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Landon Williams | Staff Reporter

Harker’s newest release “No Discordance” is full of hard hitting, melodic punk anthems that will get your fist pumping from the first note. This band from Brighton, U.K. is breaking ground with a record made up of biting guitar solos, emotional breakdowns, and lyrics that will pull at your heartstrings.

If you enjoy bands like The Wonder Years or The Story So Far, then Harker is going to be exactly your cup of tea. Harker is the kind of band that uses dissonance just to make the consonance sound better. The singer’s raspy vocals compliment the emotions that fill each track extremely well.  The album is rough around the edges, but in a good way. It sounds authentic and genuine.

It doesn’t just copy and paste what sounds commercial in the pop-punk scene at the moment, but digs deeper into what punk music is supposed to be. Some of the most celebrated punk bands have come from the U.K. and with this album, Harker is definitely proving that they have the potential to join those ranks.

Each song exudes complexity and a discreet acknowledgement to the subtle sadness that makes punk music amazing. Every part is dynamic; if you listen to this album you will never be bored.

The one track I keep finding myself coming back to is “Caught Up.” It’s by far my favorite from the album. It builds, falls, and pulls you in like no other track on the album. Every part of this song is on point, from the catchy guitar riffs to the passionate lyrics, it won’t leave you disappointed.

This is a good album. Really. It comes from a young band that’s making great strides to solidify its presence in the punk music scene. It’s not as polished as some other major label pop punk bands, but that almost accents Harker’s raspy/fuzzy style. Harker has some growing to do, but this album is a great demonstration of what they can grow into.