Despite study, pit bull owners loyal to the breed

Photo Courtesy | Berenice Tirado

By Juan Carlos Ferrer | Staff Reporter

Between 2005 and 2015, 232 deaths were caused by pit bulls according a 10-year study by, but pit bull owners dispute the claim that pit bulls are inherently dangerous., a research and education nonprofit organization, performed a study on the number of dog deaths and the dog breed responsible for the death. Between 2005 through 2015, 360 Americans died because of a dog. Out of those 360, 232 (64.4%) Americans were killed by pit bulls. Rottweilers were in second with only 41 (11.4%) deaths.

The continuation of deaths by the pit bull breed has called for the ban across the country, and cities such as Garland and Forest Hill have put bans in place.

Pit bulls have become a target for people afraid of the breed, and they want them banned. Kenneth M. Phillips, an attorney for dog bite victims, posted a video on twitter (@ DogBiteLaw) encouraging people to “DO NOT ADOPT A PIT BULL.”

The video has since gone viral. The commentary is filled with many pit bull owners posting pictures of themselves with their dogs.

“I strongly disagree,” Adrian Ibarra, a former pit bull owner said. “They’re like kids. It just depends on how you raise them.”

He also added that if they see aggression from the owner, then they will show aggression as well.

Others called people out for labeling the dogs without actually getting to know them.

“People are ignorant and refuse to give the breed a chance,” Berenice Tirado, a proud pit bull owner, said.

Many of the owners agree with Tirado. They use the words such as “nice” and “sweet” when they de-scribe their pit bulls.

The reason for pit bull attacks can be many things. They could have lost their touch with humans due to some incident, or they have just never had any human interaction. Some pit bull owners put the blame on the owners.

“The owner all the way,” Tirado said. “They are some of the best dogs!”

Others would put the blame on both the dog and owner.

“It might be both owner and dog. When they get older they become more aggressive. It’s like an old per-son. They get cranky,” Ibarra said.