Non-traditional twists to the holidays

Joseph Miller, Staff Writer

By Joseph Miller | Staff Writer

Doing something different and unique is becoming the holiday tradition for many people.

For lots of people, once Halloween comes and goes their minds turn to the rapidly approaching holiday season. This often means thoughts of feasts of turkey and ham and dishes expected every year at holiday time.

Accompanying these are other things associated with the time such as family, togetherness, gifts, decorative lights, parades and of course, Christmas trees.

Some people move away from these holiday traditions and routines and create something unique and meaningful to them.

Traditional themes are altered and modified. Black trees and stockings instead of the norm, playing games or watching Die Hard, and altering the expected meal are the new traditions.

“Of course I have the ham and turkey and stuff like that, but I like to grill something for the holidays,” Clayton Hale said. “Something like brisket or a good steak for Christmas.”

Hale, a sophomore Business Management major at Texas A&M University-Commerce, tries to have a get together celebration around the holiday season with his close friends. This holiday themed gathering is more akin to a party than what most people would associate with the holidays.

“I like to get together with my friends and have a few drinks and laughs, enjoy some good food and exchange a few gifts.” Hale said.

Hale does a more traditional celebration with his immediate family. Hale said that he was not really into the holidays before he had children, and now has a new meaning.

The friend holiday celebration, or Friendmas, is one that many people seem to be adopting.

“Friends, celebrating with friends means the most because they are the ones I choose to be around.” Preston Chapman said.

Chapman, a senior Information Technologies major at A&M Commerce, prefers a Friendmas type celebration to the more traditional type of gathering. Chapman does not like the stress and the seeming obligation that can come with family and the holiday season.

“I hate having to try to relate and interact with people that I barely know and only see once a year.” Chapman said.

Others feel similar and often dread and try to avoid the holidays as much as possible.

Watching certain movies together with friends and taking control of the holiday routines and celebrations are transforming the holiday season into something that people who do not relate to the holidays can enjoy and look forward to.