Students uplifts others and herself

Brittany Beans
Mariah Nelson poses during the off-time she has at her job at TRIO inside the the tutoring lab.

By Brittany Beans | Staff Writer

Mariah Nelson, A&M-Commerce senior, is involved in various aspects on campus and is part of various organizations that give back to the community and uplift students.

Nelson is the President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and Hip Hop Congress while being an employee of the TRIO program which helps first-generation or low-income college students.

“I didn’t expect to become this involved,” Nelson said. “Each of these things just spoke to me and I knew I wanted to make an impact in various areas on campus.”

“For instance, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated spoke to me for personal reasons,” Nelson said. “It was a sisterhood that welcomed me with open arms and helped continue to build me into the woman I am destined to be.”

Nelson became involved with each organization for a different reason, and she makes a point to schedule time for all of them.

“Multitasking can be overwhelming at times, but I tend to prioritize the things that need to be done first and go from there, and I try to ask for help when you need it,” Nelson said.

Campus involvement is important to Nelson because these outlets help her make an impact on her fellow students.

“I have always been the type to want to help others, and I felt that getting involved would be a good avenue to do that,” Nelson said.

“Whether they want to uplift themselves as women, have a place to express themselves, or need extra help to get the resources they need for school, I’m involved in each of those areas,” Nelson said.

While her involvement helps others, Nelson also reaps the benefits herself.

“Networking is one major benefits of getting involved because the more people you know, the more inclined they are to help you when you graduate,” said Nelson.

Nelson believes in the importance of involvement for self-fulfillment and continuously promotes that to students.

“As far as advice to others that want to get involved, I suggest that they get involved with something that they love to do and not something that they are doing just to do it,” Nelson said. “Loving what they are doing will make sure that they are giving it their all and that they are truly benefiting others as well.”