Major project updates announced

A rendering of the Nursing Building set to open in Fall 2019. Photo Courtesy | A&M-Commerce Twitter

By Todd Kleiboer | Co-Editor

Students received an email update about the progress of major projects around campus from the Department of Campus Operation and Safety directed by Derek Preas.

The construction of P3, or Phase 3, next to the Jerry D. Morris Recreation Center, is coming to a close after beginning in Spring 2016 with the replacement of carpeting on the ground floor, some outside siding, and some drywall with glass to enclose a stairwell, and some concrete walkways will be repaired. All of this will occur during the winter break.

The Nursing and Health Sciences Building construction has seen some delays due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, but it is still on schedule after its construction began during the Spring 2017 semester next to the Performing Arts Center.

Cooling and heating pipes and four large air handling units in McDowell Business Administration Building will be replaced during the winter, and the two bridges leading into the second floor will undergo renovations during this time.

The Halliday Student Services Building will receive a new air conditioning system during the winter break.

Three large air handling units should be replaced at the Ferguson Social Sciences in about four weeks with the construction being done on the north side.

New tennis courts are soon to be constructed around the Cain Field Complex area.

The university is also switching to an energy conservation plan which includes replacing interior lighting with LED, installing energy efficient thermostats in residence halls, implementing an energy management system controlling air conditioning, and more.

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