New Thor Movie Ragnaroks the House

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By Kimmie Thompson | Opinion Editor

Synopsis: Thor, son of Odin and god of lighting, and his brother Loki have discovered their father Odin has kept a dangerous secret: a long-lost daughter, Hela, the goddess of death. She is more powerful than the brothers combined, and the story follows the brother in wild adventures and a death brawl with his fellow avenger The Hulk. His ultimate need for survival drives him to take drastic measures to save his people.

Thor: Ragnarok is full of adventures, a cosmic disarray of color, and not to mention the great and anticipated Stan Lee cameo. The movie brought a new look to the Thor series and not in a bad way. The series wasn’t doing so hot in the box office but this new upbeat and lighthearted atmosphere changed the game, hopefully rebranding the whole franchise.

To start, Stan Lee’s cameo was the best I’ve seen since Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer’s presence. It’s kind of a tradition for my father and I to go see all DC/Marvel movies together, so naturally I’ve seen every one of these kinds of movies. Stan Lee has always been there but in most he has little to no lines, except for maybe in Spider-Man 2 he has some inspirational and revelation-inducing statement for Peter Parker. It was awesome seeing him having lines and a humorous presence.

Thor coming to terms with his father’s death as well as gaining a new sister who he’s never met and wants to destroy Asgard showed a brand-new side of the god. He wants to help Asgard as the king, but he struggles to find his kingly identity, ultimately humanizing the god. He also loses his godliness when he is trapped in a cage match with his fellow Avenger, and this humanizes him by allowing humorous jokes at his expense.

If you thought that Thor was the only person finding themselves, Loki probably had the most characterization in this cinematic journey. At the start, Loki is still up to his mischievous tricks by impersonating his Father. In the previous movies, he always started off doing something that impedes the greater good but then ends up redeeming himself in the end. However, something was different this time around because he didn’t bail on the fighting sequence. He stayed and fought. We experienced a new side of Loki that didn’t leave him in a disastrous injured mess.

Thor: Ragnarok was a great cinematic addition for this series as it completely flipped the script for almost all of its characters. Moving its location away from Asgard or Earth to a new world where Thor is the defenseless granted a completely new plethora of subject matter.