Halloween and the costume fever

Costumed attendees at the 2014 Homecoming Bonfire. Courtesy | TAMUC


By Jospeh Miller, Staff Reporter

The autumn months bring about a change in the air as leaves begin to change color, the temperature cools, and a costume fever sweeps through the town.

Festivals, conventions and the annual All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, give many people the opportunity to don costumes and be free.

“Wearing costumes gives the opportunity to take on the persona of a character that you love, which is always fun.” Allie James said.

James, a senior at Texas A&M University-Commerce, said that she loves the creative freedom she gets in making a costume, especially the ones with gore and creative makeup.

Those with kids or nieces and nephews can find fun and creative relief in helping the children with their holiday preparations.

“I have kids, so it is more about their costumes than mine now.” John Carroll said.

Carroll, a senior at A&M Commerce, said that while he does not get to costume often, dressing up is fun when you get to be your childhood heroes and escape reality.

For those that are shy or think they are too grown to wear a costume, kids are a great excuse to dress up as their heart’s desires.

With All Hallows Eve right around the corner, and anime and comic book conventions affording ample opportunities to show off creativity, now is the time to start thinking about that next great costume.