Beyoncé vs. Rihanna: Battle of the Queens

Drumel Cyrus, Staff Reporter

There’s no denying the pure talent oozing from the creative minds of two very influential artists. These two women have been dominating the R&B and pop charts with their charismatic voices, sensual  dance moves, and beautiful faces that have been plastered on Twitter headers and cell phones screensavers across the globe. Who are they? Beyoncé and Rihanna.

At the mere mention of these names brings a secret joy into people’s heart. These forces of nature captivate the hearts of their fans and leaves them feeling fierce and refreshed after even the smallest performance.

Though these stars both shine in their own unique artistic way, but some people can’t seem to help but compare them to each other. These two millionaires have their fans (the Rihanna Navy and the Bey Hive) that constantly pin them against one another despite the fact that both artists are extremely successful. The fact that they’ve never had a song together and are hardly ever seen together only adds fuel to the fire.

With the crusades on either side in full effect, there is a secret truth that both sides realize but always seem to overlook. The truth of the matter is that both singers are equally talented. Yes, it’s true. The rebellion of Rhianna’s spirit and the seductive nature of Beyonce both have made their mark on this generation.

Let’s review. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter has sold a whopping 17.2 million albums as a solo artist but it doesn’t even hold a candle the 230 million records that Robyn Rihanna Fenty has sold.

Though Rihanna has sold more records than Beyonce, Queen Bey surpasses her net worth with  350 million compared to Rihanna’s 230 million as of April 2017.

The two queens rule their queendoms on two opposite sides of the musical hemisphere, so why even bother comparing them to each other? In all honesty, the conflict between the Rihanna Navy and the Bey Hive will never burn out because it’s fun, to a certain extent, to fight on social media about why their fav is better than everyone else’s.

Even though we know that the two singers are equally talented, we can allow the fight to sustain itself for a little while longer.