Campus Comment: Does anxiety affect college students, and why or why not?

Nicole Teal, freshman

“Yes, anxiety of classes impact their train of thoughts, their self image and trying to meet the standards of others.”


Alvan Okpechi, senior

“It all depends on how you handle it. Better prepared means less anxiety. Study late and procrastinate means more anxiety. All students have anxiety.”


Claire Daniel, junior

“I would say definitely yes, and I think in the beginning, all of the changes happen like when you move off and you’re adjusting, and later on just the pressure of the real world coming around the corner.”


Nia-Real’ Pina, Junior

“I do feel it like it’s triggered because some people don’t have anxiety in high school, and then they get to college and it’s a lot. I think it’s because you’re more independent and the teachers aren not babying you. It’s a lot of overwhelming stress. It’s definitely in young people when we come to school, but I feel like if you get involved with your school, you can handle it.”