The Drunken Mule under new reins


Graphic | Todd Kleiboer

Spencer Nelson, Staff Reporter

The Drunken Mule Saloon is now becoming the Beaten Dead Horse according to some students.

The well-known Commerce saloon has had recent changes to their new management, and it has created a new image for themselves that students are not attracted to.

“They need to see what the old management did to make it good,” Valerie Hartweg, a A&M-Commerce student, said. “No girl wants to spend $5 to get it.”

Some new changes at the Mule are now charging all minors under the age of 21 $5 to gain admission into the saloon unlike previously in which the establishment would only charge men under 21.

Other changes include birthday lap dances are no longer being given, and the new DJ is playing less two-stepping music and more hip-hop.

Students are now moving more towards The Rail for college night and $1 wells until 10 p.m. College nights are now on the rise due to the Garrett Dollgener becoming the DJ.

Social media has also helped with The Rail’s popularity, but The Mule has been blocking people who disagree with the Mule’s business. Students have also been not feeling welcome and has been losing customers to The Spot and The Rail.

“The Mule has always been close like family, but then someone else came in and made them feel not wanted there,” Ian Lucas, a former employee of The Mule, said. “It ran off a lot of loyal customers.”