Commerce High School keeps its traditions

Megan Wright, CHS Reporter

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With the week of homecoming from Oct. 9 to 13 creeping closer, the historic traditions of Commerce High School are displayed inside and outside the school.

“Our traditions have pretty much been the same. We have sometimes changed when the dance is,” Glenda Henderson, long-time CHS teacher, said. “It was hard of the students who participate in the game to get home and changed in time to make it to the dance. We have now moved the dance to the Saturday after the game.”

Henderson moved to Commerce with her husband and applied for a job at Commerce High School, where she has remained for 25 years. She is the lead sponsor for student council, and she creates the ballot for students to vote for the next homecoming king and queen. Henderson also works the coronation during the football game.

Commerce High School have always had a theme week leading up the big game on Friday which often include twin, cowboy, and tie-dye days, and the day of color wars when the classes dress in their class colors is usually highly anticipated. The students also decorate the hallways on the Thursday night to fit the theme for Friday.

Some traditions have faded like a bonfire that the high school use to do years ago, but one thing has always stayed true about Homecoming week: the school spirit is at the center of these traditions.

Homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back past students and members, along with celebrating an organization’s existence. It has been a tradition for high schools, colleges, and even some churches. Homecoming has its origins in alumni football games held at colleges and universities.

Many schools in the US have made claims that they were the first to ever hold a modern homecoming. In 1911, the Kansas vs. Missouri football game is one that several people have claimed to be the first college football homecoming game.

The crowning event of homecoming week will be the homecoming game on Oct. 13 at 7:30 p.m.