Homecoming rush may cause increase in parking problems


Todd Kleiboer

Parking Lot 5, located outside of Ferguson and Gee Library.

Deatrik Bledsoe, Staff Reporter

Parking may prove hard for students to find during Homecoming Week, one of the largest event that A&M-Commerce will hold, because of alumni returning and family members visiting.

“The parking on campus will be tough and difficult to deal with, especially on homecoming time,” Gary Lazard, senior, said. “We will have to find different parking arrangements on campus now.”

Friends and family will be coming from all different cities and states to celebrate homecoming weekend. Alumni will be coming as well to enjoy the week. Students will have to accommodate for the lack of parking.

“I do not understand why the school will not just make more parking spots so we can have places to park,” Paris Monet, sophomore, said. “With the new building being built by the Science Building, it takes all of the main parking which makes it harder to find a spot.”

Students are starting to come up with ways to find a parking spot on campus. Some students just keep their cars in the same spot so it will not be taken. Others park in neighborhoods or people’s homes to keep for the week.

“I will be walking most of the time, so I’m not too worried about the parking situation. But I think that people should be cautious about it,” Lazard said.

Students should make arrangements to park in the areas of Walmart, CVS, or Brookshires if they want to park their car. Parking in Whitely is also a possibility, but students would have to park there quickly.

“I just hope that I will be able to get a parking spot, but homecoming week will still be fun to attend,” Monet said.

Other than the parking situation, homecoming will be filled with activities and events all week. Homecoming will start from  Oct. 9 until Oct. 14.