Oct. 5 Homecoming Issue Corrections


On Pg. 3, Sean Wesley’s bio was in place of Uche Oleru’s. Here is what it was supposed to read:

Uche is a senior at TAMUC who spent most of his life in Mckinney, TX. He is the Lead RA at Phase 3, and serves on the exec board of 2 different organizations. He also currently interns for the Athletic Department with hopes to one day market for NIKE/Under Armour. Uche should be Homecoming King because he is a humble, hardworking young man, who continuously looks for ways to give back to his community.

On Pg. 2, the article over Professor Mayo’s Memorial Ceremony was replaced with one over parking that was ran again on the same page. Here is the link to the Mayo Memorial Ceremony.

Professor Mayo’s Dream Celebration