Robyn O’Neil Discusses Her New Book

Artist Robyn ONeil

Artist Robyn O’Neil

Brittany Beans and Dominique Wallace

Robyn O’Neil returned to her favorite school on September 18, in the University Play House of the Preforming Arts Center to discuss her art in her new illustration book, Robyn O’Neil: 20 Years of Drawings.

Her book reflects her growth as an artist by delving into her life in regards to her family, death, and dying. She includes “Where’s Waldo” like elements in the forms of owls which she uses as references to important people in her life. In one of her pieces she used an owl to represent her grandmother passing, in this piece you notice the owl’s spirit leaving its body. She’s also dedicated several drawings to her parents, brother and husband as well.

Most of her drawings were inspired by art history pieces and usually consist of nature and men. Her reasoning behind this is because she knew that the men in her artworks would eventually die and she doesn’t draw women because she didn’t want a chance of any procreation taking place. She remarks that it’s obvious that she prefers nature more than “us,” meaning humans in general.