Campus Shuttles Receive an Update


Jennifer Bussey

One of the campus shuttles that take students across the university.

Jennifer Bussey, Staff Reporter

With a campus the size of A&M-Commerce and weather as hot as Texas, students without cars need an alternate transportation system to travel around campus. That is where the Campus Shuttle system comes in.

For years, a shuttle bus has been available for students and staff to give their legs much needed breaks from walking. However, this year there are changes being made to both the routes and how students can have better access to them.

The shuttle system has gone from having one central route, to dividing the campus into three routes that caused confusion for drivers and students, to having two bus lines, each with a unique route that shortens the wait time between pick-ups. A long cart with five rows of golden chairs called the Gold Route goes around the entire campus, starting at the Student Center, within thirteen to fifteen minutes. The white bus with A&M-Commerce printed in blue on the side is used for the Blue Route and it goes around all of the dorms and campus eventually meeting the gold cart at the Student Center within twenty minutes. Students can download the “Ride Hop” app to get a real-time location on both the Gold and Blue shuttles.

Commerce is also offering bus rides to Plano, Irving, Greenville, and other DFW cities starting at $10. If students want to book a ride, they must book a day in advance by calling 469-400-1935 or going to the Lion Shuttle Services Commerce Texas page on Facebook.