Good times are a’brewing


Photo Courtesy / TAMUC

Spencer Nelson, Staff Reporter

The party made famous at football tailgates won’t be dying down this season as A&M-Commerce’s Memorial Stadium has become the first Division II school to start selling alcohol during the games.

Sodexo food services has signed a new contract that allows alcohol to be distributed to students of the legal drinking age. Beer will be sold at all Lions football home games this season, beginning last Saturday.

Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, and ZigenBock are for sale for $4 just outside of the concession stand. Cash and Debit/ Credit cards are accepted.

A&M-Commerce is the first school in the Lone Star Conference to distribute alcohol at sporting events. This is a possibility to increase money for the university as TAMUC follows larger universities.

The University of Texas at Austin is going into its third season of selling beer at their football games, creating a revenue of $3.1 million in sales during their previous football season. According to the sales figures through, Miller Lite and Coors Light are the two top sellers for Royal-Memorial Stadium in Austin with 98,535 Millers being sold and 95,096 Coors being sold during their 2016 season.

The University Police Department is preparing for the new addition to the football games. To increase security detail at football games, two new police officers will be stationed in the stands.

Though UPD is increasing the number of officers at their games, they do not foresee any future problems with the students drinking at the games. If any issues arise, Sodexo is in charge of alcohol sales.

“You’ll be drinking for five hours at tailgate. Another hour and a half shouldn’t be too much of a problem,” said Glen McCull, Detective Sergeant for the university police department. “Overall I don’t expect much of a difference. It adds on to the ominous big game feel.”

Student life is not complaining about beer at the games. Most see no problem with it.

“It could go two different ways, we just have to wait to find out,” said Russell Wilcox, a senior at A&M-Commerce. “There will be either people who can’t handle it, and then it may have appeal for people to stay at the games”

Overall, the new change to the football stadium is expected to have spectators want to stay at the game longer and create a Big-College feel for the university. Kimmie Thompson, a senior at TAMUC said the football game’s atmosphere had a different feel.

“It was pretty weird seeing beer at the games because I’ve been here for four years,” said Thompson, “I’ve been here for a while and Saturday’s game was a different experience.”