Lions Go Abroad

Paris, France and the Eiffel Tower. Photo Courtesy/

Ahnaliese Bell, Staff Writer

On July 5th this summer, a group of TAMU-C students boarded an 11 hour flight to Paris, France. They would later travel to Bayeux, and then London. Along the way, they would get to experience things such as the Parisian catacombs, Stonehenge, and the London Eye. The students chose to spend their XX days in Europe either living it up as tourists, or attempting to blend in with the locals. They each came back with stories to tell, knowledge gained, and memories that will stick with them forever.

As much as this may sound like a dream summer vacation, these students were actually traveling to Europe for scholarly purposes. They were enrolled in a course: The Psychology of Death and Dying. Doesn’t sound too vacation-like, does it? Well, some of the students may disagree. Chloe McCombs, one of the students who went on the trip, said, “The location was everything.”

The location and material combine to create an amazing and unique experience for students. When asked if he thought the location of the course impacted the level of learning or significance of information, Dr. Raymond Green, the TAMU-C professor teaching the course, said, “The best example of that is Bayeux, because we went up to the Normandy D-Day beaches, and you could tell it was a powerful experience to the students.”

Though the class was a psychology course namely for regents scholars, students of all majors were able to apply, and a few students outside of the regents program were selected. This is just one example of a course across the pond. When it comes to studying abroad, Dr. Green wants students to know that “anyone can do it. It’s not for a specific type of major, it’s not for a specific type of student. Everyone can gain from getting out of their comfort zone.”

This was just one of several study abroad programs that took place this summer, with other groups of students studying in places such as Costa Rica and Spain. Study abroad programs also take place during the fall and spring semesters, as well as August and May minis.

The programs are housed through the university’s Global Studies Office, located in Ferguson. In the past, TAMU-C students have studied abroad in six different continents, and at least 20 countries. Studying abroad can be done individually, or in groups, with various course lengths to choose from and scholarships available to aid students with tuition and travel expenses.

In the words of Chloe McCombs, two-time study abroad participant, “If you’ve got the chance, go for it.”