Vacation? More like Stay-cation


Gwiwon Jason Nam, Staff Reporter

The current situation of the media is in chaos with lots of controversial issues being discussed. It is hard to read happy news on the media these days. A lot of readers love to read about controversial opinion articles and give their opinions, but this week’s column will be broaching a subject that will give you a breath of fresh air. Some of you may never read this story because you are struggling with your math exam on Thursday. Hey, relax. Happy news is coming, spring break will be here soon.

Spring break is approaching and many of you are going on some great vacations. It starts on Monday, March 13, but most of you will be out of your dorms on Friday night enjoying the spring break. For many students and faculty, it is a chance to take a vacation, go to the beach to have fun or maybe time to be out traveling around the world.

However, this year, why don’t you just stay in your home and have your own time instead of travelling with friends to the beach or other popular destinations? You could stay in your room and get some sleep and relaxation. This does not mean you are wasting your spring break; It is good to get out of school or controversial issues just for a few days. Travelling somewhere could be a huge burden considering the budget and time. You may even feel tired when you get back to classes from the break because of exhaustion from the trips.

The weather is getting warm, although we cannot anticipate this Texas weather. It would be wonderful to find a quiet place to hide yourself with a good book. You can take a nap under the sunshine, hang out at home, sleep in and maybe put in a few extra hours of studying if you are concerned about grades for the rest of the semester.