Beyoncé, Babies, and Boss Ladies


Imogene Wofford, Entertainment Editor

Beyoncé made the world stop…this past week with the press release that she and Jay-Z, husband, are expecting twins.

The announcement was a simple, yet stunning, photograph from her maternity shoot that captioned, “We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two…”

She released the photo through her Instagram account, and it quickly became the only thing everyone was worried about. The post broke the Guinness World Record for most liked Instagram post with over 8.1 million likes.

It’s only the second month of 2017 and she has already embodied this year, literally, I mean it’s Beyoncé, how could she not.

No, I’m not writing a piece on Beyoncé but she is essential to my story because she is pregnant, and this is about pregnancy.

I remember when she announced her pregnancy with Blue Ivy and people had an issue with the fact that she didn’t look pregnant, and some even said she used a surrogate—even though she posted pictures of her growing baby bump.

This was in 2011 and this all started when she had a guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the way she sat down gave the impression that she was wearing a pregnancy pillow. From that point on WOMEN said that she wasn’t pregnant, it’s a sham, and even when Blue Ivy was born, she used a surrogate.

Now first of all it’s very disrespectful to say that any woman is not pregnant, or having a baby, regardless of how the child is getting here. It’s so crazy to see on social media that the majority of negative comments are coming from women to fellow women.

Number one, how can any woman bring herself to bash another woman about her having a baby, that’s none of our business. Beyoncé has given the public the opportunity to get a look into her life and people, more importantly women, decide to show negativity to such a beautiful, personal moment.

It is exceedingly disrespectful to tell any woman anything negative about her pregnancy. It’s already hard for women to have a stress free pregnancy, especially when you’re a private person—and a celebrity.

I don’t understand why women believe that it is ok to point out whether or not a woman is pregnant, or not. She is a woman, how would you like if someone said that to your mother, sister, aunt, etc.…you wouldn’t, point blank period.

I still don’t understand why women were/are saying that she is vain and a liar. She posted videos and photos on her website about her pregnancy with Blue Ivy, and women still say she wasn’t pregnant.

The same thing is happening to famous YouTuber Domo Wilson, just a little different because her shade is coming from teenagers saying that she shouldn’t be pregnant because she is a lesbian, stud or any other disrespectful, discriminatory labels.

Regardless of whether a woman is pregnant by a man, in a same sex relationship and goes to a sperm bank, a single woman has a donor, goes through an adoption agency, or uses a surrogate; she is still having a baby

She is simply a WOMAN!! She is a MOTHER!! Women are the beginning of life, without a woman giving birth no one would be here, so women should be more sensitive to other women, and think about what they’re saying when it comes to the beautiful experience of carrying life and bringing life into this world.

Yes you may say well she’s a celebrity so she signed up to live in the public eye, and get bashed; but, more importantly, she is a woman, a mother, a source of human life.

I fell accross the Instagram page, HomeSweetHomeBirth that’s basically a social media page about pregnancy, how to have a healthy, safe pregnancy, blabor, and home births. It is a very informative page that uses women, who aren’t celebrities, in their most powerful expierences—giving birth.

Under some of the posts there were comments that were mean and hateful like “ewww, this is gross” or “OMG who wwants to see this.”

On the contrary, it is very right! Those are women who are bringing new lives into the world, they don’t care what they look like, or how they are perceived. Pregnancy is a beautiful, life-changing experience that women get the joy to go through. They are already pregnant and all they want is to have a healthy, positive pregnancy so that they can give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby.

Women are giving the public an opportunity to share this glorious experience with them, don’t be disrespectful…and if you don’t have anything positive to contribute to any woman’s pregnancy, keep your statements to yourself because you wouldn’t want that said to you.