The Force Behind the Boxing Gym


Courtesy/ Jerry LaMoore

Acacia Munoz, Staff Reporter

Located on the corner of Wesley and Lee Street in downtown Greenville, Texas stands The Force Boxing, the boxing gym belonging to former professional boxer Jerry LaMoore.

LaMoore began his amateur career in 1964. Before he could even imagine it, his career began to excel. He first won the Open Divison State Golden Glove Championship, and one year later he decided to join the Navy where he took part in the Navel East Coast Boxing Team. There, he became the Atlantic Fleet Champion, Cruiser and Destroyer Champion of the Atlantic Fleet, Mediterranean Champion, and the runner up in the All Navy and All East Coast Championship. His career (while boxing for the U.S. Navy) consisted of 76 wins, six losses, 34 knockouts and eight titles.

After joining the Milwaukee Bombers in 1969, LaMoore became a professional boxer, but the following year he had to hang up his gloves to further his education and work to support his family. His professional boxing career consisted of four wins and one loss.

LaMoore previously owned a gym at the Christian Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 1977 to 1978. He then helped train Curtis Cokes, a boxing legend and hall of famer, at Pike Park Boxing Club in Dallas, Texas.

He not only had a passion for boxing, but he also had a passion for art.

“I became an artist for a living,” LaMoore said. “I traveled around the country for 28 years as an artist. I was never able to open a gym permanently because I was always on the road.”

However, LaMoore finally had the opportunity to make one of his dreams come true in June 2015 at the grand opening of The Force Boxing.

“The reason I opened the gym is because when I was a young kid, if it wasn’t for me going to the boxing gym for training and learning about the sport, I probably would’ve ended up in trouble like the rest of my friends,” he said.

Today, LaMoore is seen training youth and teaching them the valuable lesson that comes with boxing. He is often heard saying, “It’s just not about boxing, it’s about life.”

“Boxing is like life, because life can be very hard sometimes,” he said. “If we get knocked down, we have to get back up. I explain it to kids every day when I am teaching them about boxing. It’s just like life. If you want something, then you have to work hard to succeed. If not, you’re not going to get there. It’s just that simple.”

Not everyone who walks into LaMoore’s gym wants to fight. Some people want to learn how to defend themselves, and others want to get fit. No matter what reason you have, LaMoore and his assistants are there to support you.

“I don’t have any classes because everyone learns at a different pace,” he said. “If someone walks into my gym, I will personally train them.”

The Force Boxing is opened six days a week to anyone at the age of 10 and above. There is no limit as LaMoore said. The membership for anyone younger than 18 years old is $35 a month and $45 for anyone older than 18 years old. For more information, contact Jerry LaMoore at 903-366-6156 or by email at [email protected].