Social Work A-Team Hopes to Connect with Students


Kerry Wilson, Opinion Editor

They have hearts for people, minds for solving, and a vision to help everyone. Their goal is to spread the spirit of love to people, regardless of gender, color, or any other factor used to segment the population. If this sounds like an introduction to a superhero squad, it might as well be. Texas A&M University Commerce’s A-Team serves the university and surrounding community of Commerce with the core actions of helping and advocating.

The A-Team (short for Advocates of A&M) is a sub-organization within the social work program of A&M-Commerce. Led by social work students Stephanie Loera, president; Cristina Loera, vice president; Citlali Salas, secretary; Juanita Lowry Bennet, treasurer; and Ariell Peters, public relations officer, the members take part in different types of service projects to lend a helping hand to individuals within the campus and around the community.

“We aim to help the campus and the community by advocating for people on campus and people in the surrounding community,” said Peters. “We hold events that involve helping people in a lot of shapes and forms.”

Although membership is limited to those in the social work program, the A-Team wants to engage with students from other organizations and majors to help achieve their purpose.

“Really, there is no ‘We’re not going to work with this person or this organization or this group,’” said Peters. “We want literally anybody and everybody to collaborate with us. If anybody has any service project ideas, or if there is anyone who needs anything, we are more than willing to lend a hand, collaborate and serve. We’re just aiming at community service and advocating for the campus and things like that.”

The A-Team sees working with different students and organizations around campus as an opportunity for students to experience something new when it comes to forming relationships with their fellow man.

“Hopefully students would want to open their eyes to helping those in the community and those on campus, just getting involved,” said Peters. “It gives students an opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and experience the joy of helping people on and off campus.”

The A-Team is a student led organization under the supervision of Chuck Nash, a professor within the social work program of A&M-Commerce. For more information on volunteering with the A-Team, contact A-Team president Stephanie Loera or by email at [email protected].